Stand out from the crowd

Hushkeys is a disruptive new platform that transforms the way that Brands, Retailers and Influencers interact with consumers.

Brands conceal. Consumers reveal.
Brands set challenges. Consumers get rewarded by solving them.

Simple tools.
Easy for brands.
Fun for consumers.

Boost your brand and ROI

Inject anticipation and reward into promotions, new releases, previews, events or gift cards.

Engage and re-target consumers with a unique key system.

Bring offline/online together with geolocation challenges and rewards.

Get unique analytics on what consumers reveal with the lens.

5 easy steps to drive engagement, loyalty and reward

  • Conceal


    Conceal a promotion by blurring, pixelation, stickers or paint


    Create intrigue

  • Lock


    Lock the post with a branded key


    Differentiate with collectible keys

  • Share


    Share the post on Hushkeys and other social networks, email & SMS


    Amplify & reward virality

  • Unlock


    Grant consumers access to reveal using the key


    Gain insight by what consumers reveal

  • Communicate


    Use the key to re-engage efficiently


    Nurture direct relationships with consumers

6 reasons brands use Hushkeys

1 Creative engagement tools + social media sharing

Brands easily create distinctive campaigns: Product launches, Vlogger exclusives, music releases, discount & voucher codes, secret tastings, pop-up events...

2 Optimise and recycle assets

Brands maximise efficiency by reusing and enhancing existing campaign assets, activating customers with new challenges or concealed offers

3 See what your customer sees

Brands measure high engagement & get unique insights through lens interaction data and ‘key’ stats

4 Re-target existing users

Brands increase efficiency and reduce costs by re-targeting users who have taken their key(s)

5 GDPR compliance

Brands use Hushkeys mechanics and keys as a frictionless, engaging and GDPR compliant way for users to opt in

6 Branded unified campaigns

Branded keys, stickers and challenges enable brands to generate consistency and branding in their campaigns and easy-to-use templates

6 reasons consumers use Hushkeys

1 Engaging, gamified gifting/experiences

Consumers have fun using challenges and concealing personalised promotions and gifts to be unwrapped

2 Rewards

Consumers are rewarded for in store, offline purchases, sharing, loyalty and endorsement

3 Exclusives

Consumers get access to exclusive and VIP content by obtaining keys. Be the first to know offers and news

4 Control brand targeting

Consumers control which brands they want to engage with and how

5 Communicate with brands

Consumers easily communicate to brands via 2 way direct messaging and public posting

6 Managing gifting

Consumers manage gifting calendar and events through simple network and notifications

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